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The University has requested the development of a comprehensive Student Recruitment Portal and CRM system to streamline the admission process and enhance candidate management. They seek a solution that provides candidates with an intuitive application process while empowering University administrators with robust tools for data management and analysis.



To develop a comprehensive solution tailored to the University's needs, UDS Systems undertook a detailed analysis of the University's requirements. The proposed solution included an admission portal for prospective students, a custom CRM system utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service modules, and Power Apps for administrative tasks. Additionally, integration with Power BI was planned to facilitate advanced data analysis and visualization.


The development began in early Autumn 2023, focusing on meeting project milestones and deadlines. The team created a user-friendly admission portal allowing University candidates to authenticate via social media accounts, input personal and academic information, upload supporting documents, and submit applications. Simultaneously, the custom Dynamics CRM system was tailored to the University's requirements, featuring centralized candidate databases, automated workflows, and program configuration capabilities. Integration with Power BI was seamlessly executed to provide insightful data visualization.


Detailed Features and Functionality:


Admission Portal for University Candidates:

  • Authentication: Prospective students can authenticate using Google or Facebook accounts or sign up with other credentials.

  • Program Selection: Candidates can choose the programs they wish to apply to.

  • Form Submission: Applicants can provide personal and academic information through intuitive form interfaces.

  • Document Upload: Candidates can upload required supporting documents as per program configurations.

  • Data Validation: The portal ensures data correctness by validating all fields and file uploads before submission.

  • Adaptive Interface: The portal offers a mobile-friendly interface for seamless navigation.

  • Multilingual Support: Entrants can switch between English and French using the University's translations.


Custom CRM System for Administrators:

  • Centralized Database: The system uses Power Platform Dataverse to store and share candidate and application information.

  • Integration with Admission Portal: The CRM system stores all prospective students' information submitted through the admission portal.

  • Unified Interface: The system provides a unified interface for managing candidates, applications, programs, and documents.

  • Automated Workflows: Workflow functionality automates calculations such as an individual's average grade based on their application data.

  • Document Management: Administrators can view, preview, and download uploaded documents for applications.

  • Program Configuration: Administrators can manage program-specific fields and required documents for applications.

  • Import/Export Capabilities: The system supports import/export using Excel (.XLSX) and CSV formats.

  • Security Roles: Two pre-configured security roles ensure proper access control to data.

  • Multilingual Support: The system supports English and French localizations, with translations provided by the University.


Data Analysis and Visualization:

  • Integration with Power BI: The CRM system is integrated with Power BI service for data analysis and visualization.

  • Dashboard Creation: Power BI and Power App dashboards are created with up to 5 visual components (charts) based on candidate, program, and application data.

  • Power BI Developer Support: UDS provides a Power BI developer for initial setup and integration with the CRM system.


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What the customer received 



UDS Systems has effectively implemented a robust solution that aligns with the University's goals of enhancing the student recruitment process. The process of managing candidates has been streamlined by creating a tailored CRM system using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Service module and Power Apps for administrators, along with integrating Power BI for data analysis and visualization. This integration simplifies University entrants' management and offers valuable insights through data analytics. With this cutting-edge platform, the University is equipped to attract, evaluate, and enroll top talent efficiently, setting them up for ongoing success in their student recruitment efforts.