5 Most Demanded Dynamics 365 Addons from AppSource in 2019



Currently, there are more than 600 Dynamics 365 addons for Sales and Service modules. It can be definitely challenging to review all of them and understand which one you need or don’t. We prepared this selection to introduce you to the topic of Dynamics 365 addons and how useful they can be.

Before we move to actual add-ons, let’s review the installation process:

  1. To install any of the add-ons, go to the Microsoft Marketplace.
  2. Then search for add-on by name and press GET IT NOW on the add-on page.
  3. You need to log in with the administrator account of your Dynamics 365 tenant. The installation and registration process should be smooth.
  4. Installation status can be verified in your Dynamics 365 administration portal.

Here comes our five most demanded addons list:

InsideView Insights

It required some time for me to get used to pronouncing this addon name, but InsideView Insights does a really good job.

With this add-on, you can search for contact and organization information in social media, follow news and engage in communication on feeds. This will significantly improve sales performance in a handy manner.

InsideView Insights is free for customers who purchased their Dynamics 365 subscription before 15th January 2019. In other cases, you can purchase this add-on for 99 USD/month with discounts for teams bigger than 25 people.

Attachment Management

Attachment Management from Microsoft Labs goes second. It allows storing files in attachments and emails from Dynamics in Azure blob. The advantage of this approach is that you can use much cheaper Azure blob storage instead of pricy Dynamics 365 storage.

This addon is free, except you might need to pay some money for Azure blob, which will be anyway cheaper than extra Dynamics storage.

Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator

With this add-on, you get pre-configured Dynamics 365 with data structures and some logic for healthcare companies. It is not a fully working Healthcare solution with complicated business processes and logic but it can be very helpful in speeding up implementation in the Healthcare industry.

It is free of charge, you can find other accelerators on the marketplace, and we will definitely see new accelerators coming in the future.

Data Export Service

In Dynamics 365 you cannot get access to the database. This makes things complicated when you want to make fancy reports or make database copy for any purpose you might need.

To solve this problem, Microsoft introduced Data Export Service. It allows you to copy data to the external SQL Azure database.

I will review this addon separately with details on how to configure it and how to build fancy reports based on the SQL Azure database. Subscribe to my posts on any social media to not miss them.

This add-on is free.


And last but not least comes the DocuSign add-on from the well-known digital signature provider.

DocuSign add-on allows you to sign documents, get signatures from other parties and manage approval processes.

Depending on the functionality you need, this add-on might cost from 10 to 60 USD per user per month.


So, these were the 5 most demanded Dynamics 365 add-ons. In the next articles, we plan to review some of them more in detail and also review other addons that might be undeservedly missed here.