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Client’s request 


A German car service company has over 1000 cars that are used and returned every day. Due to the scale of their operations, they have identified the need to streamline their processes and equip their operators with the necessary tools to manage the fleet efficiently. They needed help to make their work smoother and to give their workers better tools to manage the cars in the field.  


After conducting a thorough analysis of the business processes, we have identified three main modules that operators utilize when accepting and renting out vehicles:

  • Check-out. This module involves checking out a vehicle to a customer. It includes verifying the customer's identity, confirming the rental period, and thoroughly inspecting the vehicle's condition before handing it over to the customer.
  • Check-in. This module involves checking in a vehicle that a customer has returned. It includes inspecting the vehicle's condition, checking for any damage, and verifying that all equipment and accessories are present before releasing the customer with their rental agreement.
  • Damage Monitoring. This module allows recording, describing, and assessing vehicle damage. It can be done through the check-in/check-out process or separately through the Damage Monitoring module.



Once we had established a detailed work plan and determined our priorities, our team proceeded to select the necessary tools for implementation.

 To execute the project, we used the following technologies:

  • Web API (ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core) 
  • React.js  
  • Ant design 
  • Redux
  • Dataverse and PowerApps  
  • Azure web services 
  • Azure DevOps 


An experienced team of developers in close cooperation with the customer implemented the project in 3 months. The use of Agile and Scrum flexible work methods enabled the team to achieve the goal within the given timeframe, demonstrating the effectiveness of these approaches in delivering successful outcomes. See the results below.

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The Check-out feature enables users to create a comprehensive car rental record that includes information about the customer, the car's general details, its condition at the time of registration, the rental equipment, and other technical characteristics.

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To ensure accuracy, this process involves four stages, which capture all the necessary details including for vehicle damages and photos.

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The Damage monitoring module enables users to record, describe, and evaluate vehicle damage for five car models, including Mercedes-Benz Vito and Sprinter, Renault Trafic, Opel Vivaro, and Ford Transit. It simplifies manipulating, creating, updating, and deleting damages, and includes filters to quickly identify relevant damages.

What the customer received 



The application has been developed to meet the needs of fleet operators that automates and optimizes business processes such as check-in, check-out, and vehicle damage monitoring. Its mobility enables operators to access and manage their car fleet from anywhere, making their jobs more convenient and practical. It has reduced the time required for the rental car delivery and acceptance process, leading to cost savings. Furthermore, the application reduces paper and manual work, and employees can easily enter data and track vehicle damages on tablets. Customers have expressed increased loyalty due to the fast and high-quality service they receive through digital transformation.