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Client’s Request


A German automotive company specializing in fleet management approached us with a request to optimize their sales process. Their primary objective was to leverage the full potential of Dynamics 365 for Sales, facilitating the seamless integration of leads originating from their website's marketing forms. Their vision encompasses a streamlined lead management process, focusing on lead prioritization and data-informed assessments of lead potential. The ultimate goal is to enhance the transition from leads to valuable opportunities, contributing to an elevated level of sales efficiency.



After a thorough evaluation of the client's requirements, our team has outlined the key tasks for project implementation:

  • Set up and configure Dynamics 365 Sales to create a robust sales management foundation.
  • Develop comprehensive lead management procedures, encompassing the creation of leads originating from various marketing forms establishing a lead scoring model.
  • Craft tailored playbooks to address diverse scenarios that may arise. The utilization of Sales Accelerator to create sequences that enforce best practices by defining a series of sequential activities for sales personnel to follow during their daily operations.
  • Customize opportunity management features, including custom functionalities to nurture leads, such as sending cases, presentations, and scheduling demonstration calls Implementing a structured lead qualification process is a pivotal component.
  • Establish connections with Germany's premier company database to retrieve crucial information regarding lead and opportunity companies, including details of all associated contacts within these organizations, enabling the identification of decision-makers. Integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to obtain additional contact information.
  • Integrate Dynamics 365 Sales with Sales Insights to leverage predictive lead scoring and predictive opportunity scoring capabilities.
  • Create specialized Power BI sales dashboards tailored for sales teams. These dashboards empower employees to analyze data, making more precise and informed decisions easily.


Our development and implementation teams collaborated closely throughout the project to bring it to fruition. The initial setup, configuration, and customization took over a year. However, tangible improvements and enhancements were observable within a few months of implementation.

During the realization phase, we implemented Dynamics 365 Sales for a German automotive company specializing in fleet management. This journey spanned approximately a year, with visible results manifesting within a few months of implementation.

Our team strategically approached this project, ensuring that every aspect of Dynamics 365 Sales was tailored to meet the client's specific needs. This encompassed configuring roles, permissions, menu structures, views, and various elements to optimize the sales process.


One significant achievement was the enhancement of lead management. We enabled the creation of leads from different marketing forms, each aligned with distinct lead themes. Predictive lead scoring models were introduced, leveraging machine learning to calculate scores based on historical data, client fleet capacity, and CRM information. This innovation expedited lead qualification, reducing processing times and enhancing qualification rates.

Customized lead scoring models were pivotal. For the demo process, we developed a specialized model that considered interactions like email clicks, form submissions, website visits, and the scheduling of demo meetings. It also factored in contact form submissions, product brochure downloads, meeting bookings, website visits, and email engagement.

The introduction of custom "Sales Activity" functionality allowed for personalized lead and opportunity nurturing. This feature facilitated tailored interactions with potential clients, including sending case studies, external and internal orders, demo invitations, and marketing materials.

Tailored playbooks were crafted to address diverse sales scenarios, providing sales managers with tools to organize, customize, and automate recurring tasks. Sales Accelerator was implemented to create sequences for opportunities, enforce best practices, and guide sellers through their daily tasks.

Opportunity management was customized, and Sales Insights was integrated. Predictive opportunity scoring, driven by a machine learning model, calculated scores based on historical CRM data. This allowed sellers to prioritize opportunities effectively, resulting in higher win rates and shorter sales cycles.

The project also included integrations with Germany's largest company database, providing comprehensive information about lead and opportunity companies, along with detailed contact data. A connection through LinkedIn Sales Navigator enhanced access to critical contact information from LinkedIn profiles.

Finally, we developed embedded Power BI Sales Dashboards to empower the sales department with an intuitive interface for data analysis, enabling well-informed, targeted decisions.


Customer Journey

What The Customer Received



The meticulous implementation and customization of Dynamics 365 Sales have transformed the German automotive company's sales processes, significantly boosting productivity. The customized solution has played a pivotal role in achieving a remarkable sixfold surge in qualified leads and a substantial 42% reduction in sales cycle times. This all-encompassing product not only simplifies operational processes but also facilitates data-driven decision-making through intuitive Dashboards and Power BI integration. Ultimately, it paves the way for elevated sales efficiency, heightened customer engagement, and substantial business growth opportunities.