Use Common Data Service Storage Capacity Reports to Understand



Most probably, you received a notification from Microsoft that you are running out of space. What actually happened? Will Microsoft block your account? How to understand what consumes all the space?

Read this article to get answers to those questions.

First of all, don’t worry, there was not a case in my practice when Dynamics 365 users were suddenly blocked by Microsoft because of a storage issue. They will give enough time to bring storage size back on track.

Let’s Talk About Licensing and Available Storage Options

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has only 10 GB per instance storage availability for its customers. You receive an additional 5 GB for each 20 Professional license users you have. You need to pay quite a high license fee for each additional gigabyte per month used, depending on your location.

You need to use Common Data Service storage capacity reports to understand what’s happening with your data. They are available in your Power Platform admin center.

Go to the Power Platform Admin Center. Navigate to Analytics -> Capacity and check what exactly consumes space.


  1. File – all files stored in dynamics – like attachments to emails, accounts, contacts, opportunities, etc.
  2. Log – when you enable auditing on your organization, it will store all the changes made to audited data. We will create a separate video on auditing soon. Subscribe to our channel to not miss it.
  3. Database – this is all data stored in actual tables. They are also called entities in Dynamics 365.

If you see some problematic areas, Microsoft has a comprehensive guide on cleaning space that will appear on the popup banner now. Please check it and clean the data in the areas highlighted in red on the dashboard.

If you still have open questions about the storage issue – please contact us.