In the current business environment, organizations are required to store customer communication data for extended periods to meet compliance requirements. However, it can be challenging for businesses utilizing Power Platform as it leads to substantial storage consumption. To help with this issue, we have created a solution that optimizes Power Platform storage and allows easy access to data for decades. We want to introduce you to our innovative solution.

The Customer`s Challenge

Like many organizations, our client faced the dilemma of growing Power Platform storage due to the requirement to retain all email correspondence with their customers for ten years. Compliance regulations compelled them to store this vast amount of data securely. Moreover, the customer needed convenient read-only access to the information for various purposes, such as analytics, reporting, and customer service.

The Implemented Solution

To overcome the customer`s storage predicament and ensure seamless access to the data, we devised an ingenious solution that streamlines their operations. Here is a breakdown of our implemented solution:


We started by creating a virtual entity as a gateway between the Power Platform and Azure Cosmos DB, an efficient and scalable NoSQL database service. This virtual entity acts as a bridge, eliminating the need to store the extensive emailing data directly within the Power Platform, thus mitigating storage limitations.


Once the virtual entity was in place, we seamlessly migrated all the records from the Power Platform table to Azure Cosmos DB. This migration reduces the strain on Power Platform storage and leverages the robustness and scalability of Azure Cosmos DB to accommodate substantial amounts of data.


We established a secure and efficient connection between the Power Platform and Azure Cosmos DB to ensure uninterrupted access to the archived data. This connection allows the client to retrieve and view the data effortlessly while maintaining read-only access, preserving data integrity and security.


With the setup complete, our solution provides the client with an intuitive and user-friendly interface within the Customer Relationship Management system. The client gains easy access to the archived data stored in Azure Cosmos DB through CRM views and forms.

Benefits of Our Solution

Our comprehensive solution offers several key advantages to the client:

  • Enhanced Storage Efficiency: By offloading the emailing data to Azure Cosmos DB through the virtual entity, our solution alleviates the burden on Power Platform storage, freeing up valuable space for other essential operations.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Our solution ensures compliance with data retention regulations by enabling the secure archiving of customer communication data for ten years. It eliminates the risk of non-compliance and potential penalties.
  • Seamless Read-Only Access: With the established connection between the Power Platform and Azure Cosmos DB, the client can effortlessly retrieve and view archived data through CRM views and forms. This streamlined access facilitates informed decision-making, data analysis, and exceptional customer service.
  • Scalability and Futureproofing: Leveraging Azure Cosmos DB`s scalability, our solution accommodates the growing volume of customer communication data effortlessly. It futureproofs the organization`s storage needs and ensures long-term viability.


Our innovative solution offers a strategic and efficient approach to address the challenge of growing Power Platform storage due to compliance requirements. By leveraging virtual entity creation, data migration to Azure Cosmos DB, and seamless read-only access via CRM views and forms, we empower organizations to navigate data archiving effortlessly. Say goodbye to storage limitations and embrace compliance and data accessibility with our comprehensive solution. Contact us today to revolutionize your data management and elevate your business.