Migration to Dynamics from Custom Systems

Have you ever noticed that your custom CRM does not fulfill all of your needs? It takes too much time to add only one attribute to the form? Maintenance of your Server requires too many resources? Is it not financially reasonable to support your system anymore?

If so, perhaps it’s the right time to switch from your custom CRM to Platform. In this article, we will find out Platform’s benefits over custom CRM and explain how we perform the process of migration.

Here are the main benefits of CRM (Dynamics 365 in our case) based on Platform over the custom systems:

  • MS Support 24/7
  • Microsoft releases new features a few times a year.
  • OOTB functionality and Modules can improve your business. As MS makes broad insights into the best business practices in various departments (Sales/Marketing/Services), you can follow the Flows like OOTB from MS.
  • Smart OOTB integrations with various MS Products: Office / MS Portals / PowerPlatform / Azure, and others.
  • Customization from UI (Forms, Views, Workflows, BPFs). Those customizations can be done by the experienced user with appropriate rights.
  • Various security settings. You don’t need to think about how to implement security in your system. All you need is to open the security module in Dynamics CRM and enable all settings by mouse.
  • You will not get stuck with your development vendor that has unique knowledge. Dynamics Development is standardized and moves from one vendor to another – thus, the development or support can be provided relatively easily.
  • Dynamics CRM can be deployed On-Premise or Cloud.



How We Perform the Migration

  1. Our consultants and BAs examine your processes (at this point, process optimization is possible).

  2. DB developers examine your DB structure.

  3. Our BAs create both business and technical requirements based on the received information and define needed Dynamics modules.

  4. When business and technical requirements are approved, we perform the development of Dynamics with all integrations, reports, etc.

  5. We migrate data from your Custom System to Dynamics.

So far, if you have any questions, you can always contact us to get more information.