How Customized Solutions Empower Property Management

Read this article to find out how custom-designed solutions can reduce errors, save time, increase quality, and succeed in the improvement of property management.

Recent statistics have shown that human error is the biggest challenge of effective property management. Even a small mistake may break the order and cause difficulties.

Also, if you calculate how much time and resources your staff wastes to run routine tasks, you will get shocked. Managing the maintenance of requests and tasks, tracking rent payments, controlling notifications and reminders, billing, booking, and reporting are just a little part of daily responsibilities, and nearly all of them can be shifted to software.

Most of the wide-distributed software tools for property management cost a penny, both purchase and support. Usually, they are overstaffed with functionalities. Hardly 30-50% of these functionalities get applied as needed. Another aspect - the need to merge your business with other third parties still exists.

At UDS, we have designed many property management solutions that resulted in business effectiveness. All of them were built strictly around the specific needs of each business.

For our client - a Finnish property management company, we have deployed a custom portal that serves as the link between residents, property managers, stakeholders, and maintenance companies.

What we did:


  • facilitated the communication environment inside and outside the company
  • implemented automated maintenance of requests and self-service reservation management
  • settled single storage for any type of related data with easy access and management

Currently, about 5.000 end users enjoy our portal.

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