What is MS Dynamics 365 Portal?

MS Dynamics 365 Portal extends Microsoft Dynamics CRM to web delivery. It is not a stand-alone unit; it’s more like an additional function to Dynamics 365 (which combines CRM, AX, NAV, and Portals). While CRM allows to control and record of relationships with customers and partners, Portal allows communicating with end-users by giving them access to tools they might need and integrating collected data with Dynamics 365.

How Is It Different from a Regular Website?

Website is a front, a powerful lead generation tool, a fancy webpage. And…that’s it. In comparison, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portal can offer you more than that. There are three types of Portals in Dynamics 365: Community Portal, Partner Portal, or Employee and Customer Self-Service Portal. Each Portal includes box solutions with unique features: some have multilingual capabilities, secured content access, and more.

How to Setup?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Plan 1 already includes Portal with 1 million page views per month (you can purchase additional 0,5 million views per month). You can purchase Portal for a test drive with no licenses for customers and partners access required. Note: not each partner is a Portal partner (ex., freelance employers are NOT partners).

Request a free Dynamics 365 Portal solution here with your Windows Live account. On this page, you can also request a free Microsoft Social Engagement trial.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portal is a highly customizable solution. We’ve already customized and implemented a variety of MS Portals for all kinds of businesses.

See some of our cases of Microsoft Portal Implementation:

All displayed cases are open for reference.  Ask us about anything.

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