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Hi! This post will help if you are looking for automation solutions for Recreation / Entertainment industry or want to know more about the functionality required by that industry.

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I will tell you about the solution our European partners use to provide modern web and mobile experiences for their customers. Also, it allows them to automate communication and reservations/resource management processes in one place.

Our Example Case in Europe Provides the Next Services for Their Customers:

  • Accommodation and business events organization services
  • Squash, bowling, and tennis courts facilities reservations
  • Open and prepaid classes for group activities (yoga, pilates, etc.)
  • Club participation tickets
  • Partial ownership of facilities based on timeslots
  • Facilities management, reselling, etc.

The Solution Provides the Next Basic Features:

  • Managing a list of organizations and persons
  • Managing a list of facilities, services, and reservation rules
  • Viewing ownership map for facilities (what timeslots are owned by whom), viewing reservation calendar
  • Making reservations and facility suggestions
  • Communications module with flexible selection and communication options. For example, notify all open tennis court users that scheduled sessions between 1st and 10th October about bad weather conditions on these dates by SMS and Email
  • Building and publishing schedules for group classes
  • External website and portal for reservations and messages with personal access option
  • Billing module

So, we built the all-in-one solution for this customer, helping them to manage their services in the most convenient way with easy and quick access to all related information.


We used Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Portal technologies to build tailored solutions that can be easily maintained and customized.


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Even if you have very specific business requirements — quick prototyping will allow you to see possible results without investing in solutions at the early stages.