Dynamics 365 Portal for Effective Work with Partners

Hi! I want to tell you how to organize smart case management for partners on the Dynamics 365 portal.


As an example, we’ll take a look at a company that provides surgical cost management services for health plan partners.


Partners of this company need to initiate a case and provide information about their patients. The company needs to validate the received data and provide the partner with further steps to finish the case. If validation is failed, the case must be reviewed by the operator and can be resent once again.


Up until this point, employees had to do all these jobs manually. This led to mistyping, mixed-up data, and information gaps. As a result, the case management process took a significant amount of time and resources from both sides: client and partner.


This is unacceptable since we are talking about surgery, about people`s life and health.

Results of the Developing Advanced Portal Features

  1. The complete formalized case management process. Partners understand what they have to do, and what kind of information and documents are required and are aware of what is gonna happen next.

  2. Automatic case validation. No mistyping, no mixed-up data, or any information gaps.

  3. The company can now easily communicate with the partners through the portal and finalize cases much more quickly. Therefore, to perform a surgical procedure in a shorter period of time.

Look at the video for details. You will see the following:
  • how partners can create cases directly from the portal providing all necessary information in a step-by-step process;
  • how that information is being automatically validated to provide a smooth and timely process.



I was glad to be a part of this project. Perhaps I can help you too? Feel free to ask questions — contact us.