Creating solutions that help businesses improve and simplify their operations is our main goal. Therefore, we were pleased to receive a new request to optimize work processes for our client.

The owner of a car fleet from Germany contacted us. Their business was already working on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service base. To simplify and improve the company`s business processes, the client wanted to focus on the core modules. There is a fleet of about 1,000 cars spread across 30 parking lots with minimal staff. It was important for the business owner to provide a team with a convenient tool with a clear interface for managing cars, monitoring, and analyzing data.

Processes and Tools

After a detailed study of CRM data and a client`s business logic, the UDS team began to develop a structured implementation plan to set up automated car rental processes.

We divided project implementation into several stages:

  • The first is to tailor D365 CRM to the client`s conditions.
  • The second is to create solutions to improve and simplify business processes.

A team of four programmers started to work with the most suitable tools to achieve the desired result.

The basis was the following Microsoft products:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service
  • Azure web services
  • Azure DevOps

To implement individual solutions, we additionally used the following:

  • D365 customization capabilities, like workflows, plugins, scripts, etc.
  • Web API (ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core)
  • React.js
  • Redux
  • Ant design

So, we decided to create a custom portal based on Power Apps to fulfill the main client task — improve and simplify business processes.

Within one year, our extensive experience and deep knowledge of flexible and easily adaptable Microsoft products allowed our team to show reliable results.

In addition to the adapted CRM system, the client received ready-made solutions, namely:

  • An internal portal for the company`s employees
  • An external portal for partners
  • A convenient tool for car fleet maintenance stations.

Internal Portal

For internal portal use, we developed the following modules:

Fleet list - the general information about available cars. You can sort them by more than 20 criteria and get access to the vehicle`s detailed information.

Contract and costs - the detailed contract information. There are warnings about exceeding the driving distance covered under the contract and warnings about the agreement`s expiration.

Service Management - data on the technical condition of rented cars. The data is updated every day and comes from car sensors. This module implements custom integration with Azure Cosmos DB for optimal data storage.

Damages - general information about accidents. With the possibility of creating new accident records (a form with a stepper to fill in and attach the photos).

Contracts - shows the arrangements for rented cars. It can be sorted by type, ID number, vehicle license plate, and contract base.

The convenient dashboard with filters and charts displays the most necessary information on the main page.

Partner Portal

The partner portal contains two main modules:

  1. The first one allows you to manage cars (to add and remove). You can open a detailed information page by clicking on the car license plate from the general list. Also, you can find the documents attached to the car records. The page is available in English (EN) and German (DE) versions.
  2. The second one allows placing an order for car maintenance. The outstanding features are:
    • A detailed list of services offered at service stations is divided into groups.
    • A map showing the location of the station.
    • Real-time workshop schedule.
    • Damage records and photos upload.
    • A repair progress tracker.

Service Stations Module

The effortless interaction with the service station is a strong argument for increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction. To ensure a smooth and coordinated car maintenance process, we developed a convenient tool that allows station employees to receive detailed requests for repairs, manage their capacities and track the progress of each request.


An experienced team and the right tool are the basis for achieving the desired goal. Microsoft products, such as Power Platform, D365 Web API, and Azure services, are flexible and reliable. They never let us down.

The client gets what they wanted and even more — the convenient working product that expands their business possibilities. We are satisfied with the process and the result of the work.

Everyone got what they wanted. Isn`t that wonderful?