Microsoft AppSource Integration Add-Ons



Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a flexible platform that allows you to customize the system easily. Also, there are plenty of pre-developed add-ons that you can install from Microsoft AppSource.

In this article, we will review the add-ons that allow the integration of Dynamics 365 with other popular applications and services. It means that you will no longer need to involve in the integration process with your own or outsourced developers.

If you already use Dynamics 365, plan to use it, and currently evaluating options on how to integrate it with your other applications, there are two main options available:

  • integrate using the developing/customization tools like Power Automate or Azure Logic Apps
  • use existing add-ons to enable the integration

While the first option enables more flexibility, the second one is easier if you want to get things working without executing the integration project.

There are 70 integration add-ons out of 665 total available in Microsoft AppSource. We will provide a short review of them.

These Integration Add-Ons Can Be Divided into 5 Categories

  • General services integrations
  • ERP/accounting software integrations
  • Marketing automation integrations
  • External data providers
  • Other integrations

There are plenty of add-ons that will allow you to integrate your Dynamics with general services like

  • Telephony to make/accept calls and track them in Dynamics
  • SMS providers to send and receive SMS messages
  • Payment gateways to issue payment links and accept card payments
  • Map solutions like Bing or Google
  • Extend standard Dynamics 365 – SharePoint integration
  • Request and create digital signatures
  • Collect IoT

The next category of solutions will enable your integration with popular ERP/accounting software.

Marketing automation integrations are another category. It includes LinkedInMailChimp, and a couple of integrations with social media.

Also, there are integrations with some external data providers, like exchange rates integration, and several integrations with local country yellow pages websites.

There are, however, several unique integrations that should be mentioned separately because they do not fall into any of the categories.

One of them is FedEx integration which is used to track shipments. Another two are TeamViewer integration and simultaneous web browsing that enables remote support for your customers.

That is about it. We hope that the information we share with you is useful. But if it has happened that you still have any questions or need personalized assistance, contact us.