How to Deploy Dynamics 365 Trial for Customer Engagement?

If you want to explore Dynamics 365 but do not know where to start, we suggest you read this article and learn how to register for a 30-day trial of Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement.



The procedure is pretty simple, you will easily cope with it on your own. Follow the instruction below:

Go to

Sign up here and choose No. Continue signing up.

Now you need to fill in the form. First, choose your country so your organization gets deployed in the near data center. Important – you will not be able to change it over to Office 365 tenant. Then, fill in the rest of the required information about you and your company. Proceed with Next.

Create your credentials. Get the verification, and Proceed with Set up in a few seconds.

Now, you need to choose what modules you would prefer to get installed within your trial environment. I would recommend you choose none of these (None of these. Don’t customize my organization) because when needed, you can install all these modules. From the beginning, there is no need to install unnecessary modules to a system.


Remember to choose the default language, as customizations will be available only in this language, and the currency will be present as a default one.

Now, proceed with Complete Setup. You will be redirected to your trial organization.

That is it. You have successfully set up your trial organization of Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement.

Yet, in case any questions or comments remain, you are always welcome to contact us.