General Description

The Time Tracker Add-on is provided an opportunity to track time that you spent on a certain case or task. Time spent on case/task is calculating to case total time. When you starting working on the case/task you can choose subject, description and attach files.

Case step-by-step guide

C3ircleAfter you create a case, you can find on ribbon new button to start tracking time on case:


C3ircleAfter you press “Start Case” button you will see first work log dialog:

You can add multiple files.

After new work log is created, you will receive message “Worklog created”.

C3ircleAfter that, status changes to “In Progress” and you will see two new buttons on ribbon:


C3irclePressing pause button pauses logging and replaces “Pause Case” button with “Resume Case” button. Case status changes to “On Hold” until you resume work on case.


C3ircle“Resume Case” button changes status back to “In Progress” and creates new work log.


C3ircleWith “Stop Case” You can either resolve the case or cancel.

C3ircleBoth buttons calls standard CRM windows for resolve/cancel case:

Task step-by-step guide

Step 1. Task flow is very similar to case flow. We have “Start Task” button on the ribbon:


Step 2. First work log dialog window:

Step 3. “Pause Task” and “Stop Task” buttons:


Step 4. “Resume Task” button:


Step 5. Resolve/Cancel task dialog:

Step 6. Main difference from case flow, that “Resolve” and “Cancel” buttons closing task immediately after you press button.