CASE STUDY : Property sale and rent



  • * Head Office: Helsinki, Finland

  • * Industry: Housing construction

  • * Company Size: 51-200 employees


  • * Access to all data required for the space sales management online and in one place (portal)

  • * Ensure portal data security management for property management company sales team and brokers

  • * Provide tracking for:

  • - Space status and availablity

  • - Space reservation request lists (to avoid situations when space is sold to a person breaking the order in a resevation requests list)


  • * Microsoft Dynamics 365 based industry solution

Client’s summary

T2H is building Ihania Homes in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Pirkanmaa. Wonderful Home concept means a spacious and bright home, with large windows and tall rooms admired by everyone.

T2H is a founding contractor, which means that the company both buys a plot and designs, builds and markets the building itself. T2H has grown steadily from its foundation, since 2010, and is currently under construction with around 1,200 homes. In 2018, company's turnover is EUR 110 million.


  • > Time-saving multiple cooperative management in one place

  • > Imporved reservations and sales tracking system

  • > Secure on-line data and documentation management

  • > Improved customer relations through timely handling of personalized queries

Dynamics Estate Solution in details

T2H was founded in Vantaa in 2010 and since then the company has grown steadily. In 2018, their net sales were 100 millions euro. Founders Arto Toikkanen and Henri and Samuli Huhdanpää (with T and 2H) have versatile experience in the construction industry and have held senior management positions in large construction companies long before T2H was established.

Developers of UDS.Systems proposed and subsequently implemented the next technical CRM solution:

  • • The list of objects and all the information about reservations and activities is stored in MS CRM.

  • • On the CRM part the following features are available: notifications, mailing lists plus all standard Portal and CRM features

  • • The following technologies are used:

  • - ASP.NET MVC + Angular for Portal

  • - Microsoft CRM for data storage and business logics

Take a fast look at Portal Solution’s workflows in details:

The list of buildings and business centers

Booking application form

* This page shows spaces related to cooperative in table view mode

The list of objects inside a building (search, filters, statuses, booking, queues)

* This page shows all buildings data related to the current cooperative

MS CRM part of the Portal, notification management page

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