Public Safety Template for Dynamics 365

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List of Calls/reports broken down into:

Web reported crimes

Property crimes requiring officer response

Crimes against persons

Bar graph (side by side) over time:

# of Web reported crimes

# of Property crimes requiring officer response

# crimes against persons


Ongoing investigations

Bar graph of total investigations over time

Bar graph of how Investigations that have moved onto Court case process

Pie Chart of investigations in each stage


List of court cases

Chart of court cases in what stage

Chart of court cases that went to trial versus wins


List of convicts just incarcerated (within 30 days)

List prisoners about to be released (within 30 days)

Line chart of the above 2 and total convicts over time


List of probations/paroles


Court Case Business Process flows

Details of Jurors and Appeal Trial Jurors contained in Tabs in the main form

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