This plugin is created for back/front-end developers, who need to transfer objects from one Dynamics Portal instance to another (from Dev to Test, from Test to Prod).

Also, this plugin will be useful to move specific parts of the Portal from one instance to another (like specific web page with all its dependencies).

This plugin significantly improves the data import process, especially when a group of objects is transferred. In this case our plugin will select all necessary dependencies, which is critical to correctly move a selected object to the new environment.

10774317 Installation

This plugin is used in XrmToolBox, which can be downloaded from the official site

The plugin can be installed automatically if it is downloaded via the "XrmToolBox Plugins Store"


You should open Plugins Store, find Portal Configuration Deployer, select it by pressing. Then you should install it by pressing.

After installation, we recommend taking a look at the XrmToolBox User Guide. You can also click Contact us in case you need our help.