CASE STUDY : Property Management



  • * Head Office: Helsinki, Finland

  • * Industry: Property Management & Rental Services

  • * Company Size: more than 200 employees


  • * Cloud based CRM software

  • * Automatization of multiple business processes

  • * Track and manage customer requests

  • * Visibility across different departments


  • * Microsoft Dynamics 365 based industry solution


Client’s summary

Timo Tahkola founded the company Kiinteistötahkola in 1977. Today, Kiinteistötahkola's offices are located in eight Finnish cities: Helsinki, Nurmijärvi, Vantaa, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Oulu, Kuusamo and Rovaniemi. The company employs more than 200 real estate professionals for more than 2,000 construction companies as customers.

The main services of Kiinteistötahkola are hosting and brokerage operations with real estate, billing for real estate, property management, and rental housing.


  • > A comprehensive tool that accelerated the workflow of all departments

  • > Automated procurement process and transparent accounting reporting

  • > Improved customer relations through timely handling of personalized queries

  • > Complete visibility to senior leadership and teams across departments

  • > Easy communications for co-workers and customers, no routine

Dynamics Estate Solution in details

The Kiinteistötahkola company needed a fully automated cloud portal that allows you to view details about buildings and cooperatives, create businesses, make reservations, run reports and use the knowledge base. The users of the portal were to become ~ 100 000 apartment owners and residents, as well as building managers and boards.

The developers of UDS.Systems proposed and subsequently implemented the next technical CPM solution:

  • • All portal configurations and displayed data are stored in the MS CRM

  • • Security and data visibility on portal is managed by users association roles with objects (ex. Only owners can see apartment details)

  • • Portal user data stored in the Contact entity, so system user (and user license) is not required

  • • Account management is implemented by the integration with ADFS and other authentication providers

  • • Portal has stand alone API that used by front-end and hardware devices installed in buildings

Take a fast look at Dynamics Estate 365 Solution’s workflows in details:

Main Page

* All data on portal is displayed in user and cooperative contexts

* Main Page contains two sections where context data and events are shown in the relation to the user that is currently logged to the Portal


* This page shows spaces related to cooperative in table view mode


* Report pages show reports directly from CRM Report Server.

* That allows to show the same data on CRM andPortal applying security limitations to data displayed.

* Also user can download reports in pdf format.


* Portal reservation functionality is based on the CRM service calendar and resource reservation functionality

* Since portal reservation based on CRM calendar, the correspondent parameters (working hours, holidays, breaks) can be easily configured from the CRM side

* Common use cases are booking appointments or in-building services like tennis or sauna


* This page shows all buildings data related to the current cooperative


* Portal allows to create incidents.

* Attach and managed attached documents to case

* Real-time chat linked to case with notifications to CRM users about new chat messages (same chat available on CRM case form)

Service providers

* This page shows a service provider with his contact data related to the specific cooperative.

* List of providers is built dynamically based on CRM data.


* This page shows the list of articles,grouped by themes

* Data for this page provided by the third party API

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