CASE STUDY : Community Portal


HLB International

  • * Head Office: London, United Kingdom

  • * Industry: Advisory and Accounting Network

  • * Company Size: represented in 150 countries


  • * Tailored Portal for different user roles

  • * Data and dashboards from Dynamics 365

  • * Advance communication capabilities

  • * User friendly portal submission capabilities and notifications


  • * Microsoft Dynamics 365 based industry solution


Client’s summary

HLB International is a global network of independent advisory and accounting firms, comprising member firms in 150 countries.HLB International member firms offer audit, accounting, tax and business advisory services.

HLB International is a leading mid-tier accounting network. As of 1 January 2018 the network has a total worldwide revenue of US $2.37 billion.


  • > A comprehensive tool that accelerated the workflow of all departments

  • > Automated, guided processes of proposals and referrals

  • > Easy communications and document sharing capabilities

  • > Billing tracking capabilities

  • > Aggregated and visualized data from the Dynamics 365

Community Portal Solution in details

HLB International is an international network of independent professional accounting firms and business advisors. HLB International member firms offer business advisory services,audit, taxandaccounting.HLB is represented in 150 countries on five continents. Ingeneral, member firms have 25,000 partners and staff in 700 offices worldwide.

Developers of UDS.Systems proposed and subsequently implemented the next technical CPM solution:

  • • The portal, created for all HLBI Firms and Locations and can be used by its employees, managers, chefs, etc.

  • • The portal, which contains such databases: Firms, Employees, Clients, Proposals, Referrals

  • • Business flow to guide a portal user to create and submit a proposal

  • • Notifications to the owner’s email about all their company activities

  • • Tag functionality that allows to find representative information more quickly

  • • Two information pages with detailed information about Proposals and Referrals, Dashboards, recent activity, etc.

  • • Chat functionality that helps users to communicate, share documents, links, etc.

Take a fast look at Portal Solution’s workflows in details:

Referral Page

Centres of Excellence

Bulk Import

Proposal Page

Bulk Import

Bulk Import

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