Grant Management
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Grant Management industry solution from UDS is using leading Dynamics 365 platform from Microsoft to provide you with
the single view to manage and track grant management process from application to the awarding stage.

Software for Grants

The following user roles are supported:

  • Grant Director
  • Grant Manager
  • Grant Reviewer
  • Accountant
  • Program officer

UDS offers an intelligent, multi-level way of processing and analyzing data that helps public, private and non-profit institutions and their employees in the following tasks:

  • Manage and monitor the process of issuing grants, including the licensing and authorization steps, from application to grant award.
  • Monitor the grant process, consisting of an application, the award of a grant, the allocation of funds, the reporting requirements and the closure of the grant.
  • Notify the accountant when and to whom it is necessary to distribute grant financing.
  • Demonstrate to the reviewer of the Grant all applications and evaluate these applicants within the framework of the grant.
  • Notify the applicant when the necessary information is missing.

Using all the innovations and advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365, we create software that can collect and store the necessary data, perform structured analysis and personalize information about the applicant.

Dynamics 365 platform key features and benefits

Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines CRM and ERP capabilities into a completed service that unifies data, people, and business processes. With Dynamics 365, your company can deploy a single comprehensive end-to-end solution that spans grant monitoring processes, financial managing tools, applications services and more:

Integrations -
Office 365, SharePoint,
ERP/Payment systems

Mobile application
iOS and Android

built-in reporting

Power BI integration,
custom SQL reports

Advanced customization and
automation capabilities

Data security - EU privacy criteria
(including GDPR)

Customer Portal
for access to external

How to use Grant Management solution

In this spreadsheet you will find a step-by-step example of one of the scenarios of our Grant Management solution:

From the Grant Management Dashboard the worker has a graphical view of the active grants, approved by eligibility, funding by category, and amount approved.
step 1
Click on the table icon in the upper right of the middle graph.
step 2
Now we have filtered the list to only grants that are being given to for profit organizations. Click on the blue bar for-profit
step 3
Click on Development of Additional Transport…
step 4
This particular grant is in the Award stage. We see that the reporting from the Grantee “Trey Research” is starting on... Enter a date in the Award Date. Click and slide down the bar to view the lower half of the form. Close all the windows back to the Dashboard.
step 5
From the dashboard, I simply click on the plus sign to create a new grant. Click on the plus sign, above right of the Pending Grants list.
step 6
The grant manager can complete the tasks in the Create step of the process. Complete each field and click on save. Note that since this has been built of the CRM Accelerator you will need to also enter the Grantee in the Summary section. Enter a primary reviewer contact and change under review to yes. Save record. We also need to assign it to the program reviewer. Click on Assign and assign to Lori Penor.
step 7
Switch to the Grant Reviewer (should be the reviewer dashboard), you should see the new grant in the table “My Active Grants and Applications / Applications. Then click on to open up.
step 8
You can see that as the Grant Reviewer, I can now change the field to let everyone know that I am reviewing the grant. Also notice that an email was sent. If email capability had been set up in this demo, I would have received that email notifying me to review the grant. Assign Review Group and primary reviewer and click next stage.
step 9
As the reviewer I can continue the next step to verify the grant. If the grantee was missing any information, I would enter that in the “Missing Information” field and wait until it was received. Once received would then update and continue on to the next step. Change the Verify fields to Yes and click on next stage.
step 10
During the next stage I score the Grantees and move to the next stage. Make sure to show the other grantees listed under the Summary, click next stage. No we have scored the grant. Change Score stage to yes.
step 11
In the Award stage, the Reviewer now passes it on to the Grant Manager. Refresh the Grant window. Complete the Award step except for “Sent Funds”. Then refresh screen. Notice now that an email has been sent to the Grant Manager stating that all applicants have been scored.
step 12

Data Processing and Dashboards

Be sure that the processing of information for issuing and receiving the grant meets all the requirements that guarantee its
Our specialists have created a Grant Management System, capable of:

* To provide a visual summary of the active grants by type, amount, category and month by Grants Management Dashboard.
The dashboard allows to visually illustrate trends, set open activities due date, display grant award process.

* Review – Input information on reviewers (Grant manager, Reviewer). Create an Email record to alert the grant manager
when reviewers have been assigned to the grant.


* Verify  – Verify Grant application (Reviewer). If ‘Missing information’ is ‘Yes’, create email to send to applicant with
application attached.


* Score – Assign score to applicant (Reviewer). Reviewer creates an Email record to alert the manager that all applicants
have been scored.

* Award – Information on amount awarded under grant (Grant manager). At this stage Grant manager creates an Email
record to alert applicant that grant has been awarded; creates an Email record to alert the accountant that a specified grant
has been awarded to a specified grantee.


* Monitor – Monitoring the use of funds under the grant (Grant manager, Applicant). Create an Email record to alert the
of grant start date, end date, and reporting cadence and if these change. If Total amount spent is 90% of Amount Awarded,
send notification emails to Applicant and Grant Manager.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Grants Management capabilities give you complete visibility of Grant activity with charts and graphs; allows to track active grant programs and manage any incoming applications; it makes easier to inner and external reviewers to score grants; track expenses to allocate budget properly.

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