UDS team with Oleksandr Chervuk, an experienced Dynamics 365 Specialist, are glad to share with you our bonus guide on setting up Live Chat for Microsoft Teams. These easy instructions will help your team speed up collaboration and responses and improve productivity with this comprehensive resource.
You can live chat with anyone who is browsing your website directly from Microsoft Teams.
To integrate this chat into your MS Teams we recommend using Live Chat for Microsoft Teams by Social Intent.

Key Features

-    Easy to Integrate: Integrates with MS Teams in just a few simple steps.
-    14-Day Free Trial: No credit card required.
-    Highly Customizable: Customize widget appearance to match your brand's colors, languages, and positioning.
-    Unlimited Agents: Supports unlimited team members as agents, enabling anyone in your company to answer visitors' questions.
-    Chat Auto-Translation: Translate chat messages in real-time, providing support in customers' preferred languages.
-    Custom Chatbots: Build dynamic chatbots with rich responses, custom payloads, and escalation to human agents when needed.

How to Add Live Chat to Teams

Follow these steps to set up your account for the first time.


Step 1: Add a Live Chat Tab to your team channel.


  1. Search for ‘Live Chat’ in the Teams App Marketplace and add it to your team channel.

2. If you haven't already added a Live Chat tab during the installation process, click the '+' button at the end of the tab list in your team channel.

3. Search for ‘Live Chat’ and select it.

4. Save the settings in the popup.

5. Once added, sign in with your Microsoft account to authorize Live Chat for your MS Teams account.


Step 2: Turn on team channel notifications.


1. Click the three dots next to your team's General channel and select Channel notification.

2. Set ‘All New Posts’ to ‘Banner and feed’ from the popup, then click Save.

3. Alternatively, you can choose ‘Only in feed’.


Step 3: Add your code snippet to your website.


  1. Access the Live Chat app settings by clicking the horizontal three dots in the left-hand navigation, then selecting Live Chat.

2. Choose the ‘Chat Settings’ tab, then ‘Install Code Snippet’.

3. Copy and paste the provided code snippet into your website.


Step 4: Preview your Live Chat and send a test chat.


1. Go to the Live Chat Settings page and select the ‘Preview’ option.

2. Enter test information in the pre-sales chat form and click submit.

3. A live chat request will be sent directly to your team channel.


Step 5: Reply to a chat from Teams.


  1. Chat requests will be sent to the shared team channel for every live chat.

2. Once a new chat is received in your team channel, click on the ‘Join Chat’ button to begin the conversation.

3. You can also reply to chats from  the dedicated Live Chat tab.

5. Mention '@live chat' in your response to direct messages to the bot.

6. That's it! You're now ready to start chatting with website visitors right from Microsoft Teams. Good luck!

Don’t forget to test UDS Live Chat on our website!