Nowadays primary and secondary education system (or K-12) is very complex: it has to focus on individual informational needs, run variety of reports, all within constrained budget. For these reasons more and more education institutions start adopting Microsoft Dynamics 365 to attract, retain and serve its students.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is CRM (Customer Relationship Management), it’s a category of integrated, data-driven solutions that improve how you interact and do business with your customers. CRM systems and applications are designed to manage and maintain customer relationships, track engagements and sales, and deliver actionable data – all in one place.

For your better understanding, here’s a list of some of the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for K-12 education that empower you to reduce all the paperwork, open up to new opportunities, improve communications and most importantly, to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for K-12 allows to:

  • Store all information about your institution, students, parents, partners, employees, key stakeholders
  • Support and monitor performance of teachers and students
  • Manage business cases
  • Improve communications inside and outside
  • Improve Collaboration between staff and administration
  • Track productivity of each teacher or student
  • Get variety of pre-built and customized dashboards for teachers, staff, principals
  • Track and Manage Grants
  • Run Non-profit features
  • Get access from any internet connection via laptop, tablet or mobile
  • Run system in Cloud to reduce IT costs and maximize system uptime
  • Integrate with other Microsoft products ( Excel, Word, Skype, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Yammer etc).

This article describes only one of the cases how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can benefit K-12. Among all out-of-the-box Microsoft Dynamics 365 capabilities (more info here), it can be tailored to meet your business’ needs and your vision of the system (since it’s very flexible).

Let’s start with the Navigation Menu in MS Dynamics CRM K-12. System navigation consists of Service, Marketing, Settings and Help tabs (read more about Dynamics 365 out of box capabilities here) and differs from standard out-of-the-box system with this “School Matters” tab and its content.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for K-12 education

This is a dashboard showing overview of some of the records in the system. From this point of view we can see the mix of Contacts by Type: Students vs. their Parents/Guardians, Social Posts in the system, All Activities such as Tasks, Phone Calls, Appointments, Courses students are enrolled in by Year Group and Letter Grade, as well as Assigned Course Tasks which are homework, assignments, exams given to students taking a given Course shown by the Owning Teacher who is a Teacher teaching a given Course and the Status of their completion.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for K-12This is a dashboard for a teacher. From this point of view they can see their Activities, Assigned Course Tasks they need to complete as well as graph showing them this particular workload and how many Assigned Course Tasks they still have open vs. completed. The teacher also has access to Contact records of the students who are taking their Courses, and Courses they teach.From this dashboard they can initiate organizing the course work they want to assign to the students taking their Course.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for K-12

The Course record specifies its name, the Owning Teacher and Course Tasks that the students need to complete. Clicking + sign allows the teacher to create and add to the list to manage part of their curriculum.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for K-12Microsoft Dynamics CRM has synchronous workflows, that allow to match course and student automatically.On the Assignment Page Due Date is defined and record Percentage Grade that was given and record any notes. At this point the system runs few processes. One converts the Percentage Grade to a Letter Grade as defined in a workflow process running immediately; here 80% is an equivalent of B.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for K-12

Another plugin process running in the background calculates the average Percentage Grade across all the Assigned Course Tasks that have a Percentage Grade and updates the Percentage Grade for Course Selection.If the Cesar’s Percentage Grade for the Course Selection has dropped, another workflow process that detects the drop in the grade will be initiated. This workflow process creates for me, since I am the Owning Teacher for this Course, a Task alerting me to this fact and a Case is logged in that I need to attend to this issue.
The Task will show on my dashboard with a due date of 2 days from now, while I will see the Case on Cesar’s record and through Services module.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for K-12

System will suggest me to resolve a case by calling Cesar’s Parents.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for K-12 education

Now let’s take a look at Dashboard for a principal. From this point of view they can see their Activities, Case Mix by Type in the School, Assigned Course Tasks shown by the Owning Teacher and Status of their completion, Courses offered by the School, current Students and My Direct Reports.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for K-12 education

By clicking on a different part of the pie you can quickly filter the list of Cases by type, and then drill into each record. This way the principal can focus on specific set of Cases.

From here similarly to the teacher, the principal can attend to the Cases.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for K-12 education

Extensive experience of UDS Consulting has enabled to deliver sector-specific functionality for Higher Education Sector and K-12. High flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows to tailor the system to suit each individual customer’s needs and implement solution effectively and safely. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about this subject.

Note: UDS Consulting provides high quality Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Dynamics 365 solutions, starting from CRM Online Customization and up to long-term On-Premise Projects with Agile methodology, industry modifications, multiple system integrations for EU, AU and US based companies.

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