Non-profit organizations and charities have mission-driven, incredibly passionate people, but they operate in the resource-constrained environment with complicated success measurement. This means that they have special needs and require a special platform. So why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the best fit for Non-profit organizations?

Dynamics 365 has to be on a shortlist if:

  • You need to bring all your departments together;
  • You need to manage grants;
  • You need to manage donors and volunteers;
  • You need a tailored system to meet unique processes;
  • You want to connect with supporters and track trends and campaigns in social media
  • You want to reduce costs

Let’s have a closer look:

Bring all departments in one system. Non-profits need a complete view on their environment, relationships, members, volunteers, donations or contacts. Microsoft Dynamics 365 will capture all your interactions in one place to bring all departments in one system and provide required services effectively.

Manage grants. Dynamics 365 is the best choice for those organizations, who apply for grants or distribute ones. Dynamics 365 provides a single view, allowing employees to manage and track grant management process from the application to the award, to automate reminders or renewals, and to make them visible to other members of your organization.

Donation and volunteer management. If your organization depends on donation, you must understand what issues donor care about most, then direct your efforts to selected donors and finally, review performance to achieve greater insights. Dynamics 365, featuring Office 365 and PowerBI allows to connect managers and fundraisers with donors and help drive contribution.

Tailor Dynamics 365 to meet your organization’s unique processes. Make the system function they way you need, add additional features, capture only the things you need. Use pre-built accelerators to fasten system customization or contact us for help in extending Dynamics 365 features.

Automate the process. Unfortunately, some companies are still using non-productive and unreliable methods of data management separately (spreadsheets, Access database, Outlook, etc). Using Dynamics 365 you can get more with less: keep using favorite tools (Office 365, Quick books, Microsoft SharePoint, Mailchimp, etc.) and integrate them with Dynamics 365.

Connect with supporters in social media and track trends, campaigns. Let Microsoft Social Engagement analyze trends in Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and YouTube to measure your campaign impact, to discover social insights about your brand and to let you understand audience on a deep level.

Save money and reduce costs. Cost is very important for any organization, but especially for the non-profit one. Dynamics 365 allows to reduce cost and increase productivity. Microsoft allows non-profits to save-up, by offering very low pricing options (see below). To qualify your organization as a Microsoft Non-profit Organization please visit Microsoft Product Donations program.

Dynamics 365 Licensing for Non-profit organizations

Per user:

  • Dynamics 365 Enterprise $28.75 per user, per month (includes full use of Apps)
  • Dynamics 365 Team Members – $2.50 per user, per month (includes light use of apps).

Dynamics 365 Apps

  • Sales – $23.75
  • Customer Service – $23.75
  • Project Service Automation – $23.75
  • Field Service – $23.75
  • Power Apps – $40.00

There are a variety of other situations when Dynamics 365 is suitable for non-profits or charities. If you have questions about this subject, please feel free to contact us!

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