Dynamics 365 can do amazing things for your business. We can talk about Dynamics 365 for hours, but time is money and we appreciate our client’s resources. That’s why this post contains only true essence.

CRM “married” ERP

Dynamics 365 brings together everything you need for your business: CRM, BI and ERP (NAV, AX, GP and SL). All in a single, flexible and integrated Azure cloud.

Dynamics 365

Create your own apps easily

Use Microsoft PowerApp to connect with existing apps, like SharePoint, Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, MailChimp, Salesforce, Facebook (and more) or create your own apps without writing a line of code. You can use a pre-built templates or start from a scratch.

CDM is the key

The Common Data Model, “an out-of-box business database for storing and managing business entities” is the “key” to Dynamics 365 cloud bundle and PowerApps. CMD allows to standardize, build and match custom entities between CRM and ERP. CDM won’t replace existing Microsoft ERP and CRM approach, like xRM. In its place, it will manage Dynamics AX, Azure, Project Madeira (Dynamics 365 – Financials) with a new framework.

Analyze, visualize, predict

Analyze your business statistics with Microsoft Power BI. Combined with Dynamics 365, it provides a full beautiful data insights and dashboards. Not only predict, but get recommendations from Cortana Intelligence to achieve business goals.

Dynamics 365 Power BI

Choose your device

Control and manage data from anywhere, anytime, 24/7 without opening your laptop. With Dynamics 365 mobile app you can get in touch with financials, inventory, customer balance, sales, insights, etc. Do your work effortlessly and on any device, see how well your business performing today with one tap.

Your perfect match

One of the most exciting parts of Dynamics 365 is that it’s now fully integrated with Office 365, creating a perfect match to accelerate the business workflow.

Shortly speaking, Dynamics 365 is more like an ecosystem with its own water, sunlight, soil and oxygen. It’s definitely worth to upgrade or subscribe. Read our blog to find out more about its components, licensing policy and how it can benefit your business.

Note: UDS Consulting provides high quality Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Dynamics 365 solutions, starting from CRM Online Customization and up to long-term On-Premise Projects with Agile methodology, industry modifications, multiple system integrations for EU, AU and US based companies.